Monday, January 23, 2012

We'll be back...Soon !

Hello every one out there in Blog land... did you miss us ?

This is Sandra of Merry Whatever.
As you I am sure have noticed we had not put new items up on Merry Whatever for a while. The other girls took time off , and I myself have been ill...doing better now.
And about to show you all how happy I am to be back .
First off ...I am looking for new artists to post here. Do you make holiday wares ? Or do you know someone that does...
Merry Whatever is a all year holiday blog.... you can post them here for FREE. Of course we jury your work, just to make sure it fits with the other artists work. If you are me at the email on the left side of the blog.

Happy Holidays and see you all soon...

Oh our planned re -opening will be April 1 st....

I am still recovering... and I do have other things in my life happening.
So see you all then...

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