Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Miss Lady Valentine Doodle Painting by Babycakes

Missy Lady Valentine Doodle Painting  This is a painting I have for sale on Etsy ...great Valentine gift...collectible black folkart piece, by Babycakes Doodle & Designs  4 x 6 in size and framed...Click on the Title to go purchase or see more of my wares...Thanks for looking and shopping on Merry Whatever... Watch for Irish,  Americana and Easter Items coming soon ! 
 This item is SOLD  !

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Franklin Frightcicle Cross-over Art

Franklin Frightcicle

Ever have one of those days? Well, poor Franklin is having one now. He put his favorite ornament right where he could see it the best, but something went wrong. And now poor Franklin is left scratching his head in confusion.

You can find Franklin here Folk Art From The Heart

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Babycakes Doodles and Designs Kiss This Ornie

"Kiss This" Ornie...
Valentine Collectors this ornie is for you...
Lips that look sweet enought to kiss...
You can purchase this item on my Etsy site.
Click on this link below:

Polly Annie

This Valentine Raggedy was made for the cover of a brand new Skunk Hollow Country Store pattern and is only available on a secret page on my website You had to see it on this blog to even get a chance at it. Polly Annie is a 16 inch Raggedy holding a bundle of Homespun miniature hearts on her lap. Polly's dress and loons are a dark Maroon "Honey and Me" material topped with a plaid homespun apron in Coordinating colors. Her shoes are painted black with buttons on the side. Her face is hand painted with acrylic paint and her eye brows, lashes and mouth are embroidered. Her hair is loop d loop yarn in Raggedy Red. She is made of lightly coffee stained material and has two darling sticky out ears. Polly Annie was completely handmade without the use of sewing machine and can be yours for just $29.99 postage paid. Want the pattern only? Click here for the instant download pattern