Thursday, September 13, 2012

Merry Whatever ...Art is coming soon !

Where are the new items and Giveaways on Merry Whatever ?

Well... I myself have been ill once again...back and knee problems this time...
Lisa has had hand surgery...and we here at Merry Whatever wish her a speedy recovery...
Miss ya Lisa !

Alisa and Kim and doing a few other things...and Kay Tee...has bee painting like crazy.
 Making us all look bad. Hope she will post some of her new items soon.

Denise and Paula have some shows right now.

And I know , that I missed a few things to do here...
Like a couple Giveaways and  monthly interviews.
However if you notice Eblogger has changed so many things and
 I myself am very confused..
But once I get it all straight I and more of the artists will return soon.
Don't stop checking...and do visit Merry Whatever Facebook Page.

Halloween is coming soon...& Christmas too.

Merry Whatever to all of you