Sunday, September 3, 2017

Newest digi Colored Cards by Design Team for Sandra Caldwell 2017

Here are Some new DT creations... Enjoy !!
                                                    #1555 Jewels by Mary Thomsen
                                                 911 Hippo Fairy by Mary Thomsen
                                                        1708 Reindeer Bells by Mary Thomsen
                                           Like to Thanks Mary Thomsen for a Awesome job
                                                            ...her style is delightful !!
                                                    #1554 Miss Tink by AJ ART Jypsy
                                                  #1722  Party Kat by AJ Art Jypsy
                                                  #1652  Roses by AJ Art Jypsy
                                        Like to Thanks AJ Art Jypsy for these Adorable creations.
                                        Bravo !!
  #1754 Christmas Puppy by Jan Williams
 #1702  Tiny Fairy by Jan Williams
 Like to Thanks Jan Williams for these Fantastic creations !!