Sunday, February 10, 2019

Newest Digis Showcase by my DT Team and Friends 2018

#2625 Crow Toast by Denise Pustelniak 2018

#2517  Party Gal by Sharon Rogers  2018

#1379  Big Heart by Denise Pustelniak  2019

#450 Hula Hippo by Frances Freeman  2018

                                                           Lucy  by  Judy Odell  2018

                                               Thanks  to you all ...for these awesome creations
                                               using digis by Sandra Caldwell 

Sunday, January 7, 2018

2017 and 2018 Newest Colored Digis from Group Members and My Design Team Members Showcase ...Enjoy !

I am so pleased to have the greatest Design Team...and I love to show off there works.
However sometimes I also showcase a few of my Group Members.
Like to Thanks, Holley Tondre Barhart, Denise Pustelniak, Laine Debra Kammeraad-Smith, Mary Thomsen and Donna Mundinger, Frances Freeman and Dana Johnson...for these lovely  awesome creations ! Enjoy...

If you see a digi colored card  here and  you would like to get the digi pattern for use ...

The colored card  here are  Samples and not for sale on here or  Etsy but the patterns are available ...just follow this link below to shop...over 900  digis available !
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                                                                          2017 and 2018

Above  is - #1940 Kitty Pilot
by  DT Holley Tondre Barnhart
Above is - #1963  - Mr. Claus
 by  DT Mary Thomsen
Above is  - #1890 - Snow Kitties
by Donna Mundinger
Above is  by - DT Laine Debra Kammeraad-Smith
#2008 - Old Lady Time

                                                  Above is by - DT Denise Pustelniak
                                                    #1985 - Old Lady Christmas Mermaid

                                                                 Above is  #1629- Poppy
                                                                 by DT Denise Pustelniak


                                                       Above is # 1978 - Santa Claus
                                                        by - DT Denise Pustelniak


                                                Above is  #2031 - Bearly Toasting
                                                     by DT Denise Pustelniak

Showcased above is -
#2032 - Elvis Hippo
by Group Member -
Frances Freeman

Showcased above is -
  #2033 - Shrek Hippo
by Group Member -
Frances Freeman

Showcased above is -
  #2035 - George W Hippo
by Group Member -
Frances Freeman

Showcased above is -
  #1837 - Snow Cone
by Group Member -
Frances Freeman

Showcased above is -
  ##515  - Mermaid Princess
by Group Member -
Frances Freeman
Showcased above is -
  #1961 - Old Lady Gift
by Guest DT -
Dana Gebbhard Johnson



Sunday, September 3, 2017

Newest digi Colored Cards by Design Team for Sandra Caldwell 2017

Here are Some new DT creations... Enjoy !!
                                                    #1555 Jewels by Mary Thomsen
                                                 911 Hippo Fairy by Mary Thomsen
                                                        1708 Reindeer Bells by Mary Thomsen
                                           Like to Thanks Mary Thomsen for a Awesome job
                                                            ...her style is delightful !!
                                                    #1554 Miss Tink by AJ ART Jypsy
                                                  #1722  Party Kat by AJ Art Jypsy
                                                  #1652  Roses by AJ Art Jypsy
                                        Like to Thanks AJ Art Jypsy for these Adorable creations.
                                        Bravo !!
  #1754 Christmas Puppy by Jan Williams
 #1702  Tiny Fairy by Jan Williams
 Like to Thanks Jan Williams for these Fantastic creations !!

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

New Merry Whatever Showcase by Vicky Fortier

 Here is another of my Design Teams Works...
    Enjoy these amazing pieces  by Vicky Fortier
 Sexy Sylvia
                                                                    Owl See What's Up
                                                                Rosie Chick
                                                               Steampunk Dude
                                                                   Hippo Fairy
                                                                          Best Friends
                                                                Owl Be Elvis
                                        Thanks so much to Vicky Fortier for her support and great style!!

Thursday, June 8, 2017

Current Digi Works by Sandra Caldwell 2017

These are a few of my current attempts at coloring ...
by Sandra Caldwell aka Babycakes Digis and Designs 2017

                                        Watch for more coming soon !! 
                                  See more and purchases  digis here:

Sandra Caldwell Showcase DesignTeam Current Works 2017

Here are some  Fabulous Digi creations ...Done by my Dream DT Team 2017
                                         Created by Lead DT Denise Pustelniak 2017
                                     Created by Lead DT Bonnie Irvine 2017
                                          Created by DT Donna Mundinger 2017
                                    Created by DT Holley Tondre Barnhart  2017
                                               Created by DT Mary Thomsen 2017
                                              Created by DT Cathy Preissing 2017                                             
                                               Created by  DT  Vicky Fortier 2017
                                     Created by  DT  Laine Debra Kammeraad-Smith 2017