Friday, September 23, 2016

Spotlight Showcase of Denise Pustelniak " She makes ...My Digi come Alive"

 #1057 Tonto Hippo

#1075 - Butterfly Beauty 

#19 - American Native Girl
Digi Showcase Spotlight
These are all the last 2 weeks digis colorings created by Denise Pustelniak
Using Sandra Caldwell digis  2016
#1088 - Easy Rider

#962 - Mermaid Mimi

#1066 Piggy Witch

#1083 - Groovy Man
Congrats and Thanks to Denise...for this awesome creations !!!

Thursday, July 28, 2016

My... Birthday Blog Hop Party


                                     Yep Today is my 65th Birthday
                                      and my Friends  gave me a Party
                                        If you post....
                                    Your name goes in the Hat  to...
                                            Win  a Prize  !!

Holley Tondre Barnhart
Denise Pustelniak
Cindy van Oorschot
Bonnie Irvine
Barb Poole
MaryAnn Samuelson
Dana Gebhard Johnson
Sharon Rogers
Laine Kammeraad-Smith
Delores Miller
Cathy Preissing
Donna Mundinger
Elizabeth Perez-Collazo
End here and wish Sandra Caldwell a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
Sandra Caldwell Stamp Fans Facebook Timeline

(Starts July 28th at 7am PDT and ends July 29th at 7am PDT)
There is blog candy along the way so hop along

                                       Thanks to all that are part of the
                                                Super Surprise Day !!

                                                             Love Sandra

Monday, April 4, 2016

Colored Cards Made by Cathy Preissing

                                            All Card and images below are created from digis by
                                                                 Sandra Caldwell
                                                                     Mickey Fan

Bunny Boy

Monday, March 7, 2016

Colored Cards made by Denise Pustelniak

                                                                 Mr and Mrs

                                                                   New She

                                                                Kat Couple

                                                                Lil Cupid

                                                                Heart a Flutter

                                                                  Hoppity Hoot

                                                               Bearly a Headache Bookmark

                                                                Old and Dragon

                                                            Eddie Cutz

                                                                   Nine Lives Cats

                                                All images  above made  by  Denise Pustelniak


Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Colored Digis Made by Sharon Rogers

                                                                  Carmen Digi

                                                    Thanks to my DT Sharon Rogers for
                                                   these wonderful colored samples.

                                                                Devilish Egg Digi

                                                              Four Leaf Fairy Digi

                                                             Lollipop Kid Digi

                                                            Old Lady Present Digi

                                                      Roaring Flapper


                                                        Coffee Gal

                                                       All Images above made by Sharon Rogers


Colored Cards made by Laine Debra Kammeraad

Big Love Digi
                                              Thanks so much to Debra Laine Kammeraad
                                                     for these lovely colored samples

                                                             Old Lady in Bunny Suit Digi

                                                                       Pug Digi

                                                                  April Showers Digi

                                                       Mermaid Hippo

Birdnest Hairdo
All images above created by Debra Laine Kammeraad

Colored Cards made by Donna Mundinger

                                                       Chicken Noodle Soup digi
                                                   Thanks so much for these lovely colored sample
                                                      Cards Made by Donna Mundinger
                                                         Using Digis by Sandra Caldwell
                                                           Old Lady of Hearts digi
                                                           Vintage Heart digi
                                                                      Lovie  digi

                                                              Me and My Bunny

                                             All images above created by Donna Mundinger

Colored Samples Made by Barb Poole using Digis by Sandra Caldwell

                                                                    Bunny Hippo digi

                                                     All these colored  samples were made
                                             by Barb Poole  using digis by Sandra Caldwell
                                                                 Kiss This  Digi
                                                                Long Ears Digi
                                                                    Me and Mom Digi
                                                                    Mother Love Digi
                                                                 Old Couple  Digi


                                                            Peace and Groovy


                                                     Bearly Excercising

Monday, January 18, 2016

Colored Cards Made by Cindy Oorschot

                                                                    Loving Angels Digi

                                                These Cards are Made by one of my
                                                           DT Cindy van Oorschot
                                                 (using digi stamps by Sandra Caldwell)

                                                                      Big Bow digi

                                                                   Big Ouch digi

                                                              Old Lady Get Well digi

                                                               Betty Boop Mermaid Digi
                                                                    Easter Lamb
Hoots a Sailor
All the colored image above are made by Cindy van Oorschot