Sunday, February 28, 2010

Folk Art From The Heart Presents

Fancy Frightcicle

Little Fancy Frightcicle had just begun decorating her tree for her favorite holiday, when she noticed Fraidy Cat stuck at the top. Ducky came by to give her a boost so she could help Fraidy down, but Fraidy doesn't seem to need any help.

You can find Fancy and the rest of the Frightcicles at
Folk Art From The Heart
Fancy Frightcicle sells for $100.00

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Folk Art From The Heart Presents

Fiona Frightcicle

Fiona Frightcicle has just finished decorating her tree for her favorite holiday, Easter. All her little Easter Egg ornaments are in place and now she just needs the finishing touch, a chocolate bunny tree topper. The only problem is, Fiona is just a tad too short for the job so she's desperately hoping that the tree will bend just a tad farther so she can reach it because she's precariously perched upon an unstable Easter egg.

You can find Fiona and all the Frightcicles at
Folk Art From The Heart
Fiona sells for $75.00

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Saturday, February 20, 2010

Mr. Nemo Nibbles Primitive Rabbit Doll

Nemo is a primitive OOAK 5 1/2 inch tall rabbit who was he caught eating again. I think his tummy looks like he is about to explode. Made from stained, painted, and grunged muslin he was completely made by hand without the use of a sewing machine and has blue German glass eyes. He's also eating a homemade carrot. Nemo was made by Wymzee Art Lisa Johnson and he's a cutie who would like to visit you for just $25.99. If you would like to purchase him just follow this link

Clyde Kadiddlehopper Rabbit Doll

Clyde is a primitive OOAK 6 inch art doll hand sewn without the use of a sewing machine. He was painted with acrylics on muslin fabric and is carrying a hand painted carrot and a black and white homespun bag. He also has a buck tooth sticking out of his mouth. Clyde is a Nibbler. He can come to your house and hang around for just $25.00. Handmade by Wymzee Art Lisa Johnson. If you are interested in purchasing him just follow this link

Monday, February 15, 2010

Little Tiny Ballerina Tina Painting by Babycakes

THIS ITEM IS NOW SOLD @ 5/26/2010 

This new item is by Babycakes Doodles & Designs presented here on Merry Whatever...

This is a 4 x 6 handpainted whimsical painting on watercolor paper. Will come in a  folkart yellow wooden frame. OOAK original piece. Quality Made in USA work.  Spring, or Black Folkart Collectors will love this item.
Hang or sit , Sealed , signed and dated. I call this painting...   Little Tiny Ballerina Tina Painting. Black Folkart collectors can place this with their self or desk to add to their decor for Spring. What a conversational piece. She is so tiny and has a cute tutu and her hair all done up with a big bow in her hair are a nice touch don't you think, just adds whimsy for sure. Great item to give as a gift as well. This item is ...
for sale on Etsy.

Friday, February 5, 2010

Folk Art From The Heart

Fritz Frightcicle

Just in time for St. Patrick's Day, Fritz Frightcicle found a bucket of gold coins and has just finished decorating his tree. And now he wants to finish his decorations with his favorite tree topper. A large Shamrock. There's only one problem. He's not quite tall enough and the toadstool he's standing on just doesn't get him quite hight enough. He'll just have to wait until the next breeze brings the top bough a little lower.

Fritz can be found at
Folk Art From The Heart
He sells for $75.00