Friday, February 25, 2011

NEW Item on Etsy by Babycakes

                                               President George 
                                   "Kat" Washington
                                          by Babycakes

I call this one ....President George Kat Washington Painting.   Great item to  add to your decor for the Presidents Day or Veteran Holidays, 4th of July ...or just to go with your Americana theme.. What a conversational piece. He is so cute and all dress up in his uniform and with the flag waving in the corner.
Cat lovers...don't miss this one. Drop by Etsy to purchase of see more info.

Or drop by my Zazzle Store and purchase this painting in a card...
See it here:

Watch for more items for any holiday by Babycakes and the other artists of Merry Whatever.


  1. Hey this cool cat made me smile as you know I have always loved your art work. You have been trully blessed. LenZie

  2. Thanks Lenzie for the kind words. Yes...I'm blessed to have such good friends.