Monday, April 19, 2010

Americana Abby Primitive Art Doll

This little OOAK, Primitive, Art Doll is 9 inches tall. Abby is something new I am trying out ... an art doll made using primitive techniques. She will kneel or sit for you. Her body was made from the constitution of the United States material and her arms are wired to position nicely for you.
Abby's face and hands were made with coffee stained muslin and her face was hand drawn using water colors. Her nose and lips are also needle sculpted. Abby's face has been sealed to resist dust and retain its colors.

She's pulled up her skirt for you so that you can see that her legs are Americana red and tan fabric, her skirt is an Americana reddish brown with mustard color stars on it and her loons are little American Flags over tan fabric. She also wears a tennis visor made from the same fabric.
Abby is very patriotic and hand made (without the use of a sewing machine) in the USA. If you would like to purchase her follow this link to Etsy

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