Friday, December 18, 2009

Folk Art From The Heart

Frosta Frightcicle

This piece has been sold, but you can find another just like her here,
Folk Art From The Heart

Frosta Frightcicle has just finished decorating her tree for her favorite holiday, Valentine's Day. All her little Valentine ornaments are in place and now she just needs the finishing touch, a candy heart tree topper. The only problem is, Frosta is just a tad too short for the job so she's desperately hoping that the tree will bend just a tad farther so she can reach it.

Frosta was created using custom colored Polymer Clay. She's standing on a rusty christmas bell that has been secured to a hand painted wooden base. Her Christmas tree and Valentines have also been created using Polymer Clay, custom colored as well.

Frosta stands 12 inches tall by 7 inches wide.

She has been sealed with a satin sealer to protect the piece and keep the colors vibrant for years to come. The piece can be cleaned with a dry dusting cloth

Frosta was created by me, Kim Owens, in my smoke free studio in sunny California, and will come to you signed, dated and ready for display.

This piece may be purchased by following this link:
Folk Art From The Heart


  1. Oh my goodness I just think that is the greatest thing, her face is wonderful and the tree is great too!!

  2. is this wonderful piece for sale? I can't seem to find a link... so sweet!