Friday, February 4, 2022

Welcome to Design Teams Digis for 2022

 Welcome to  Design Team Newest Digis  for 2022...

#3804 Old Lady Love 
by  DT Holley Tondre Barnhart  2/22

#3806 - Bee Loved 
by DT  Gail Hutchinson   2/22

#3820 - Sweet Cakes 
by DT Carrie Lee Ingram Triner 2/22

#3803 - Hippo Heart 
by  DT Cara Malmrose  - 2/22

#3808  Balloons of Love 
by Sandra  Caldwell 2/22

#3801  Sweet Hearts
by  Guest DT Suzi Baker McKenzie 2/22 

Thanks to all my Design Team for their Fabulous  works ! 

See more as the year goes on...

Digis by Babycakesdnd ( S. Caldwell)

Wednesday, October 27, 2021

S. Caldwell Design Team Members List Changes 2021

 Design Team Has Changed ...

And always looking for new people to add... are you interested post here ?

Holley Tondre Barnhart

Laine Debra Kammeraad

Gail Hutchinson

Cara Malmrose

Sue Nicholson

Thanks to all my ladies for their wonderful talent !!

Design Team Releases are twice per month on Etsy.

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Debuting Sandra Caldwell Rubber Stamps soon with Blank Page Muse in Ontario, Canada

 Blank Page Muse is about to debut my rubber stamps in Ontario, Canada on Oct.29th and 30th...

Finally you be able to get my digis in rubber stamp. 

See all my bio and info here.

Thursday, August 19, 2021

I have a Group Page on Facebook called Sandra Caldwell Stamp Fans...
 If you like join the Facebook Group use the link here -

Recently I asked my group members to post why and if they were active members of the group.

And if they did I would give them all a   FREE digi  so here it is .

The digi is free if you copy and paste it . 

If you make a ATC Card or a Greeting Card and  or use it and would like to share it on my facebook  group page you are welcome if you are a member of my group .

This FREE digi will be here available to grab from   
Today -  8/19/21  until  8/25/21 only 7 days only !!

Thanks to all of you that follow my group  if you grab the digi please also add a  post here to let me know you got it and or like it please  !

Digi is call  -  #3708  - Look  at You Peeking 

After its here I will post it to my Etsy Shop for sale   -   

There is a link to the  ETSY shop on this blogs main page on left side.

Click on the DIGI it will enlarge. Then right click and Save image 



                                                           FREE DIGI 
                                                       GRAB  is now OVER !!  
                                                        Sorry You Missed It !!

#3708 - Look At You Peeking 
Is Now For Sale in my Etsy Shop 

Thanks for your Support and 
Be Safe and Enjoy ... Sandra 

Friday, January 8, 2021

Happy New Year 2021

Happy 2021 New Year
from  Babycakes Digi and Designs by Sandra Caldwell

Full Time Design Team  List for 2021

1. Holley Tondre Barnhart
2. Denise Pustelniak
3. Frances Freeman
 4.Cindy van Oorschot
5. Dana Gebhard Johnson
6. Luana Owens
7. Laine Debra Kammeraad - Smith


Thanks to all my DT's ...Your are the Best !!


Monday, October 12, 2020

Design Team 2020 Color thru the Pandemic

 My Design Team thru the Pandemic for 2020 are ...

1. Holley Tondre Barnhart

2. Denise Pustelniak

3. Frances Freeman

4. Cindy van Oorschot

5. Cara Malmrose

6. Dana Gebhard Johnson

7. Luana Owens  ( New)

Thanks to you all for your outstanding  talent and support !!

God Bless you and your families ... Be Safe !

Here are some of their  awesome works... from 2020


                                                            DESIGN TEAM WORK 2020

                                                    By Holley Tondre Barnhart   2020


                                                        By Denise Pustelniak  2020

                                                         By Frances Freeman  2020

                                                             By Cindy van Oorschot  2020



                                                          By Cara Malmrose   2020

                                                          By Dana Gebhard Johnson  2020

                                                             By Luana Owens    (2019 / 2020)

Drop by My Etsy Shop to see more of their works and  more of these fun digis.

Link is on the left side of this blog page.


Saturday, March 23, 2019

GUEST DT Creations and DT Creations 2019

Below you will see some of 2019 Amazing new works using 
Digis by Sandra Caldwell aka Babycakesdnd

All digis are below you can find on my Etsy Shop  here:

#2790 Shamrock Hippo
by Guest DT  March / April 2019
Cara Malmrose

#2724 Bunny and Pearls
by Guest DT March and April 2019
Cara Malmrose

#2767  Spring Witch 
by Guest DT March / April 2019
Jean Chaney

#2745 Craft Her
by Guest DT March/ April 2019
Jean Chaney

Special Thank You to my Guest DT's


                                                              ~ My Design Team 2019 ~

                                                     (Holley Tondre Barnhart, Denise Pustelniak,
                                                     Laine Debra Kammeraad- Smith, Mary Thomsen,
                                                     Sharon Rogers,  and Jan Williams)

#2517 Party Gal
DT Sharon Rogers  2019

#2798 Minion Wabbit 
DT Sharon Rogers  2019

#2736  Junior Mad Hatter
DT Sharon Rogers 2019

#2769 - Old Lady Glam
DT Mary Thomsen 2019

#2702 Hippo in a Hat
DT Mary Thomsen 2019

#2412 Fairy Thick
DT Mary Thomsen 2019

#2749 - Bearly Happy 
DT Holley Tondre Barnhart 2019

#2746 Bunny Hop Gal 
DT Holley Tondre Barnhart 2019

#2624 Darling Rosana
DT Holley Tondre Barnhart 2019

#2761 Rolling Rita 
Laine Debra Kammeraad- Smith 2019

#2762 Hooked on the Sea 
Laine Debra Kammeraad- Smith 2019

#2831 Big Birthday 
DT Jan Williams 2019

#2510 Ginger Hippo
DT Jan Williams 2019

#2700 Upset Amy
DT Denise Pustelniak 2019

#2748 Birthday Fairy
DT Denise Pustelniak 2019

#1379 Big Heart
DT Denise Pustelniak 2019

Thanks to all my DT's for a Fabulous Job
and their wonderful support and creativity !!

Hugs Sandra Caldwell

Sunday, February 10, 2019

Newest Digis Showcase by my DT Team and Friends 2018

#2625 Crow Toast by Denise Pustelniak 2018

#2517  Party Gal by Sharon Rogers  2018

#1379  Big Heart by Denise Pustelniak  2019

#450 Hula Hippo by Frances Freeman  2018

                                                           Lucy  by  Judy Odell  2018

                                               Thanks  to you all ...for these awesome creations
                                               using digis by Sandra Caldwell